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In July 2023, Sri Adwayananda Public School adopted a new programme called SKILLD (Skilling and Know Initiative for Lifelong Leadership Development) for students in grades 5 through 8 to imbue 21st century leadership skills.

This program is initiated by The Global Education & Leadership Foundation’s (tGELF) LEAD program for students across the country and the world. The course content was designed in collaboration with Harvard, Columbia, and Penn State Universities specifically for the tGELF Foundation. They have provided training workshops and shared a set of modules with our class teachers to be used during the extracurricular activity period of our students.

The students will be awarded a certificate after the completion of grade 10.

Dr. Masood, UNESCO, New Delhi speaking at the Valedictory Session on Aug. 2nd, 2021

In 2013 when Alliance Educational Foundation gathered international thought leaders to launch its International Colloquium on Education in Malakara, Kerala, Dr. Huma Masood, Programme Officer for Gender of UNESCO, was among its inaugural group of distinguished guests.

Returning for this year’s Ninth International Colloquium, July 31-August 2, at the request of UNESCO/India Director Eric Falt, Dr. Masood was a featured speaker at this year’s Colloquium which focused on education for entrepreneurship and life skills. In an address to the Colloquium Valedictory Session, Dr. Masood spoke of the “curriculum of the future” that inculcates values such as mutual respect, tolerance, inclusivity and most importantly, equality, along with life skills such as leadership, critical thinking, and communication ability.

Dr. Masood also noted the adverse impact of the pandemic on education. “The worldwide closure of schools has placed immense pressure on an educational system that was already unequal,” she said. While education shifted online for many, “for others, education completely stopped.” She cited UNESCO,’s efforts at global monitoring of the effects of the pandemic and its development of digital tools, concluding with the reminder that “Education is not a privilege but a basic human right.”

Dr. Bob Bain offering a workshop to the 8th Standard

Dr. Benjamin with Big History Students at Fifth International Colloquium

The Big History Project (BHP) is a free and ongoing program started by David Christian and taken up by Bill Gates to offer as a free high school curriculum worldwide. Starting with the Big Bang, the Big History Project is for anyone seeking answers about the history of the Universe and the earth.

Sri Adwayananda Public School was proud to be the second Indian school to offer this curriculum to all 8th-grade students starting in May 2015.

The school has welcomed two exponents of this program, the Curriculum Lead of the Big History Project  Associate Professor Bob BainUniversity of Michigan at Ann Arbor, who gave the Inaugural Address at the Fifth International Colloquium, August 4-6, 2017.

We also welcomed, Dr. Craig Benjamin, Associate Professor of History- Frederik Meijer Honors College at Grand Valley State University,Michigan, who teaches Big History at a college level and has also been very instrumental in Bill Gates’ program. He met students, alumni and teachers as a guest of the International Colloquium in 2015.

Teachers, scientists, scholars and other supporters develop the curriculum for students and lifelong learners to continue education in the realms of science and history.

For more information about BHP, visit their website.

Decathlon Hands-on Internship

Partnerships and support have been a natural byproduct of the Colloquium series, the annual outreach event of the Alliance Educational Foundation. We would like to acknowledge the generosity of Decathlon India for offering a three-day internship opportunity for the 2017 and 2018 senior students, made possible by 2014 Colloquium guest participant, Ravi Sinha, Head of HR for Decathlon, India. Thanks to the additional support of Decathlon India Leader, Mr. Steve Dykes, students were invited to their Bangalore location and Indian headquarters, giving them real-life exposure to retail, operations, design, supply chain management and many other areas of the business.

Decathlon continued our partnership in 2019 and offered a professional workshop in Kalamassery, Kerala for our senior students.

Decathlon 2019 Group Shot

Decathlon Professional Workshop 2019

Learnings From 2019 Workshop

Learnings From 2019 Workshop

Decathlon Workshop in Bangalore for Senior Students of Sri Adwayananda Public School