Partnership with Big History Project

The Big History Project (BHP) is a free and ongoing program started by David Christian and taken up by Bill Gates to offer as a free high school curriculum worldwide. Starting with the Big Bang, the Big History Project is for anyone seeking answers about the history of the Universe and the earth.

Sri Adwayananda Public School was proud to be the second Indian school to offer this curriculum to all 8th-grade students starting in May 2015.

The school has welcomed two exponents of this program, the Curriculum Lead of the Big History Project  Associate Professor Bob BainUniversity of Michigan at Ann Arbor, who gave the Inaugural Address at the Fifth International Colloquium, August 4-6, 2017.

We also welcomed, Dr. Craig Benjamin, Associate Professor of History- Frederik Meijer Honors College at Grand Valley State University,Michigan, who teaches Big History at a college level and has also been very instrumental in Bill Gates’ program. He met students, alumni and teachers as a guest of the International Colloquium in 2015.

Teachers, scientists, scholars and other supporters develop the curriculum for students and lifelong learners to continue education in the realms of science and history.

For more information about BHP, visit their website.

Dr. Bob Bain offering a workshop to the 8th Standard

Dr. Benjamin with Big History Students at Fifth International Colloquium