D Malavika (2016)

The Space In Between

The theme behind my 3D model is inspired by the connection between all basics in the universe. I believe that connection is a vital part that inspires and drives individuals to exist. Connection can occur between tangible and intangible factors. For example; I strongly connect with warm lights. I feel a sense of energy and solitude when I’m around warm lights. Just as so, I believe to connect it is not necessary to be similar, or belong to the same group. Connection is energy between two elements, despite differences. With that idea in my mind, I used my component “buttons” to represent the differences that connect and interlink in various directions with each other in the space that I show in the form of a sphere. The sphere is split in two halves and suspended from the ceiling to depict balance. The use of melted garbage bags is used to show the factors that attract various components.

Mortal Flower

As a small bud among flowers,
She is only yet to bloom,
Yet to be seen by all,
Not to be plucked by all.

Hush! There she blooms,
With a fragrance so strong.
Her petals lustre and long,
Spreads white light all over.

She stands tall in the lush green meadows,
Fresh and bright and sweet.
Never to be hidden in shadow,
Never more hit by sleet.

There she stands in blush,
With innocence high in heart,
And generosity to the brim shown
As God’s own mortal flower.

Sasha Sosha Abraham