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Traditionally at the end of the school year the students enrolled in the Clonlara program present a program of projects in the annual Clonlara Parents Presentation. This year’s program on April 5th featured presentations on dinosaur extinction, the COVID-19 pandemic, the relation between computer science and mathematics, and Kerala’s traditional martial art Kalari Payatthu. Presenting were Anuradha Krishnan of 11th standard and Nikhil Narayan of 10th standard who illustrated their presentations with original powerpoint slides and texts.

The Clonlara program is a partnership with Clonlara School (USA) that has existed in the school since the first graduating class. In 2007 the Association of Indian Universities recognised the Clonlara American high school diploma offered through Sri Adwayananda Public School as “equivalent to+2 stage qualification of an Indian Board for admission to higher courses.” Each year a few students enroll in the school’s Clonlara program which offers a flexible, portfolio-based assessment emphasizing original research and project work.

Dinosaurs: the struggle for survival in the late cretaceous period (100.5 million years  to  66 million years ago)